Big Boulder Princess Sophia

Reg. American Blackbelly

BBSAI #OPH03185674AB


DOB - March 11, 2018






2021 - Sophie's ram lamb.JPG



There is a story behind Sophia's name.


When I purchased my first 5 American Blackbelly ewes from Big Boulder Farm, their three children followed me and Jessica around the pasture. After picking out my sheep, we sat around the kitchen table (as farm wives are apt to do), drinking coffee and talking sheep. When it came time to name my 3 ewe lambs, all three children lined up at the table, anxiously awaiting what I would call my new sheep.

Of course, my mind went blank. So on a whim, I told they kids they should name the lambs. Jessica smirked and waited. The oldest girl announced that one of the lambs should be named Sara after her pony. Thus Big Boulder Sara was named. The youngest boy, just learning to talk, sputtered something unintelligible and grinned happily at his name selection. 

His sister translated for me. He said "Katie".

Then came the middle boy. He had been hovering in the background and when his turn came, he shyly came up to the table. Straightening his shoulders, he looked proudly at me and pronounced, "Princess Sophia the Second," holding up three fingers.

Thus Big Boulder Princess Sophia was christened.

2018 - Big Boulder Princess Sophia Pedig