Boothcreek Frederik

Reg. American Blackbelly

BBSAI #BCR03185507AB


DOB - March 18, 2018

2020 - Boothcreek Frederik(3).JPG


When we decided to raise registered American Blackbellies, we had no idea how hard it was to find an unrelated ram to breed to our newly purchased Blackbelly ewes from Big Boulder Farm in Vanderhoof, BC.


After much searching, we found Boothcreek Ranch in Cranbrook, BC. The sheep were unrelated to anything else we we could find provincially and the horn development of horns with the Blackbellies are outstanding.

We are expecting purebred lambs from Freddy in March 2021. Check our sales page for availability

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2018 - AB - Boothcreek Fredrik Pedigree.