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We take great pride in our hair sheep, but building a herd of well-bred, good tempered hair sheep takes time. Poor conformation leads to potential breeding problems, poor weight gains, and lower quality meat.


It takes research, vision and more than a bit of luck when it comes to raising a top-notch sheep. That's why we selectively only breed our best hair sheep ewes to our best hair sheep rams in a continuous effort to improve the next generation. This is not an overnight endeavor. It is a life long passion.


We know how hard it can be to find a sheep with attitude, good conformation and growing ability. That's why we don't sell a breeding lamb that we wouldn't keep our flock. Ram lambs that do not meet our standards are neutered and sold as market lambs. Ewe lambs that don't fit our criteria for breeding stock become our freezer lambs. 


Our sheep must have good manners. Nobody wants to be attacked while walking through the barn yard or pasture. Each ram has their own harem that they stay with for most of the year. We find the boys are better behaved as the ladies won't tolerate ungentlemanly behavior. The downfall is that sometimes a random out-of-season lamb pop up when least expected.

Breeding stock are vaccinated annually with Glenvax 6 and Tasvax 8. Deworming is done on an as-needed basis to reduce parasite resistance. When you purchase a sheep, it comes with a CCIA tag and health/vaccination records. All registered sheep come with registration papers ready to transfer into your name.

If you want to learn more about sheep, check out the "Are We Having Fun Yet?" blog for sheep misadventures, wisdom, and recipes.

We are currently sold out of sheep, but are expecting lambs in

February 2022

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