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JB Wendy

CBCA #14732

DOB - February 2, 2017

Genetic screening clear

OFA Hips/Elbows certified

My hubby calls Wendy "the Queen". She rules the farm around with a quiet dignity and iron paw. Even though she will play hard with Mykey and our guardian dog, Phoebe, she finds people more interesting. Especially if someone make a move towards the barnyard.


Wendy is what I call my in-fielder dog. Even though she will race down to the lower pasture and bring up the entire flock for me, she likes doing the corral work when I'm tagging, vaccinating or sorting sheep.

This year (2022) we have plans to return to the competitive stockdog trials after a 20 year hiatus, competing in the Novice-Novice divisions.

2021 - Nov - Wendy (3).JPG
Wendy's CBCA papers.png
Wendy's genetics_edited.jpg
Wendy's OFA certificates.png


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