Katahdin Hair Sheep

In the 1990s and early 2000s, most hair sheep were still relatively new to British Columbia and most hair sheep were lumped into two categories. White hair sheep were St Croix and everything else was a Barbados.


As hair sheep grew in popularity, it quickly became apparent that as there is a large variety of wool sheep, there is a large variety of hair sheep. As breeders began to identify and select their preferred breed, they also began spreading information across the Internet of about the individual breed characteristics of hair sheep.

Over the years, we have gathered a hodge-podge group of mix-breed hair sheep. As much as we love our Blackbellies, we are also always looking to diversify. 


Like Blackbellies, Katahdins lamb easily, have good milking abilities, and strong maternal instincts. Increased parasite resistance and good feet are a must as all our sheep graze on pastures from spring to fall. With their increased size and calmer attitude towards stock dogs that are just learning barnyard chores, they are a treat to train a dog with. 


That is why in 2022, we will be adding a registered flock of Katahdin sheep to our farm with registered lambs expected in 2023.


Our mix-breed hair sheep flock will slowly be transitioned into two registered hair sheep flocks, American Blackbelly and Katahdin. The hunt is now on for sheep from closed flocks.


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