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Started Dogs

Border Collies are a highly intelligent, high energy type of dog. These pups are bred to work and not good candidates for apartment or city living. They will excel in farm life, stock dog trialing and agility.

Our dogs are our family. The pups are whelped in our home and well-socialized with loud noises, people, other dogs, and the occasional barn cat that sneak into the house when the door is open. Depending on the pup's personality and what you are looking for, we try our best to match the pup to you.


Dogs come with CBCA registration, microchips, dewormed, and full vaccinations


We want our dogs to have good homes and good lives. However, we understand that life sometimes has other plans. If the dog doesn't work out for you, simply bring the live dog you purchased back to us for your money back (minus $500 deposit). 

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