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Stock Dog Resources

Sometimes it feels like your stock dog knows more than you when it comes to working livestock. Due to their high intelligence, sometimes it can be a struggle to outsmart them. It's as if they have already read the books and listened to the podcasts.

Below is a variety of podcasts, videos, and books to help train you so you can train your Border Collies. Books can be found on Ebay, Amazon, and AbeBooks.

by Alison Erskine

The working dog podcast covers everything about dogs with jobs.

The working Dog Podcast interviews the men and women who use their dogs daily and the ones who strictly trial.

The podcast focuses on international sheep and cow dog handlers and pick their brains about working dog tips and tricks.

Cute Dog
Understanding Border Collies.jpg

Understanding Border Collies
by Barbara Sykes

The Border Collie is an extremely versatile breed, faithful enough to be a loyal friend, honest enough to be a hard worker and intelligent enough to be an asset in rescue and other services.


This comprehensive, illustrated book gives essential advice on how to become the pack leader by understanding and interpreting the body language of man's best friend. Topics include: choosing your Border Collie; taking your puppy home; commonsense dog training; nutrition; creating a partnership; training, adolescent and older dogs.


Training Border Collies
by Barbara Sykes

Drawing upon her popular 'Thinking Like Canines' (TLC) training method and other established approaches, Barbara Sykes' Training Border Collies is an essential resource for understanding and training this versatile and loyal breed.

With step-by-step photography and training case studies throughout, the book covers: breed variants and temperaments; diet, puppy training and bringing new dogs home; simple commands, boundaries and socialization; the 'Chill Mat' - a safe territory to keep your collie calm; lead and recall training; rescue and problem dogs and, finally, common myths, facts and tips about the breed. 


The Dog Wars: 

How the Border Collie Battled the American Kennel Club

by Donald McCaig  

Well-known writer Donald McCaig turns his attention in The Dog Wars to the 1990s controversy between the working border collie community and the American Kennel Club. Chronicling a critical turning point in the history of the border collie, The Dog Wars is a must read for anyone interested in the culture of dogs in the United States. 




Herding Dogs: Progressive Training
by Vergil Holland

This comprehensive, illustrated book gives essential advice on how to become the pack leader by understanding and interpreting the body language of man's best friend.

Topics include: choosing your Border Collie; taking your puppy home; commonsense dog training; nutrition; creating a partnership; training, adolescent and older dogs.

Herding Dogs.jpg
a way of life.jpg

A Way of Life
by H. Glynn Jones & Barbara C. Collins

This book is a complete guide to sheepdog work on training, handling, trialing and breeding. A third-generation sheepdog handler, Glyn Jones demonstrates his knowledge of the delicate balance between handler, dogs and sheep. His collaborator on the book, Barbara Collins was formerly editor of Working Sheepdog News

The Farmer's Dog
by John Holmes

This book should be on the shelf of every farmer and shepherd who owns a dog or who is contemplating the purchase of one. The author goes into the psychology of your stockdog and helps you understand where they are coming from.

The farmers dog_edited.jpg
Top trainers.jpg

Top Trainers Talk about Starting a Sheepdog

This book brings together together interviews with many of the best working border collie trainers in North America and the United Kingdom, who share their methods of introducing young border collies to livestock. Whether you are training a stockdog for trialing or for work on the farm or ranch, this collection of expert advice, presented for the first time ever in a single volume, is a treasury of experience and wisdom that is sure to prove invaluable.

Stockdog Savvy
By Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Tayler & Ty Taylor


Whether you are interested in working dogs for a hobby, on the ranch, or for serious trial competition, Stockdog Savvy will be an invaluable aid. Beginning with chapters on herding dog characteristics, instinct, and choosing a herding dog, the Taylors explain how to prepare your puppy and do basic foundation training. The book progresses to starting the dog on stock and developing a useful working dog and ends with advanced lessons and preparing for the various types of competition

Stockdog savvy.jpg
the natural way.jpg

The Natural Way
By Julie Simpson


Julie has developed her pressure/release techniques over years of working with her own dogs. In this lavishly illustrated and attractively presented book, Julie explains the intricacies of communication between handler, dog and sheep, and how to use the knowledge to improve your training and handling.

A second edition of this book is available

Jack Knox: Learning Life's Lessons with Stock Dogs
By Jack Knox


Jack Knox retraces his steps from learning to use Border Collies to tend sheep as a lad in the border region of Scotland to becoming one of the foremost characters in the stock dog world in America today.

Jack's many notable accomplishments, like being inducted into the American Border Collie Association Hall of Fame, are overshadowed in this memoir...rather, it is his love for the dogs he has known and a genuine appreciation for what they have taught him in life that Jack humbly shares. Above all, Jack's unique approach to training herding dogs is revealed in this book--a special way with dogs seldom seen in practice that stresses freedom for a dog over the tight control tactics so frequently practiced with herding dogs today, especially the freedom for a dog to make mistakes and thereby learn to become a willing partner with a person when working stock.


Lessons from a Stock Dog: A Training Guide


Bruce Fogt

Training and Working Dogs for Quiet, Confident Control of Stock


Scott Lithgow


Sheepdog Training and Trials


Nij Vyas

This comprehensive book describes innovative ways of training sheepdogs and addresses a number of subjects that have not been adequately covered in previous publications; such as working with sensitive dogs and dogs lacking in confidence, the "square movement," and the "concept of opposites."  Written by an acknowledged expert, Sheep Dog Training and Trials discusses in a variety of settings new concepts such as the author's theory of  "passive resistance" and the "pressure on-off technique."  In addition, the author considers ways of optimizing a dog's health, energy, fitness, and peak performance. This fascinating book presents contributions from four world-renowned handlers, including the twice world champion Aled Owen, that examine the factors that have influenced them and made them successful.

Teaching Your Herding Dog to be a Great Companion Dog


Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell

The behavior problems in modern herding breed dogs kept as companions or family pets can manifest in a number of ways. These include chasing cars and bicyclists, herding kids, nipping at vulnerable heels, barking incessantly, and acting as the “fun police” in dog parks. All behaviors that are entirely appropriate and necessary when dealing with sheep or cattle, not so great in a suburban neighborhood.

Fortunately, these instincts can be redirected in a number of ways that keep these energetic dogs busy and happy as well as out of trouble. That is why so many of these dogs can be taught to excel in agility and obedience trials, love to retrieve, and make great running companions. In her latest book, author Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell offers solutions to solving and preventing problem behaviors associated with herding breeds living in the modern world. And no, even though your Border Collie or Corgi might love it, you don’t need to buy a farm! 


Think Like A Sheepdog Trainer


Kay Stephens & Beth Kerber

This book looks at the ancient art of sheepdog training through the lens of science-based learning theory and behavior analysis. It is designed to help you understand how and why a method works and to give you the tools for setting up and evaluating training plans and for approaching training problems in a logical, evidence-based manner.

While there are good sheepdog training books available, almost all of them assume the reader has a basic knowledge of sheep and sheep behavior, the skill and experience to train a dog to do complex behaviors, the ability to figure out training steps on their own, and a clear mental picture of what a properly trained herding dog should look like.

This book focuses on training Border Collies for United States Border Collie Handlers Association(USBCHA) type trials, but the information is applicable to all herding breeds and herding venues.

Positive Herding 101 


Barbara Buchmayer & Sally Adam

This book addresses all of these concerns in detail and teaches you how to easily start your dog:

  • In your home or yard

  • Using treats, toys, and cones

  • With no livestock

This book provides clear explanations, step-by-step training plans, and troubleshooting suggestions that create savvy trainers and thriving dogs. It’s almost like having your own herding dog trainer on retainer!


Barbara Buchmayer has over 30 years of herding experience and coached Sally Adam of South Africa from a complete herding newbie to a South African Sheepdog Association’s reserve herding champion.


This revolutionary new way to train herding is sheep tested, dog approved. 


Positive Herding 201


Barbara Buchmayer

Based on 30+ years of herding experience, both on farm and at trials, the author has coupled that experience with an extensive knowledge of positive dog training to provide a revolutionary framework for teaching herding using science-based methods.

After working through Positive Herding 101, the first in the Positive Herding Dog series, your dog is now ready to move on to working penned livestock and will soon be working loose stock

Border Collie Puppy Training Book


Doug K. Naiyn

The author has raised several Collies and herders on her farm he grew up on in Idaho. Eventually he went onto higher education and has a PHD in Literature.

When he graduated, shortly after, he fell back on her love for training dogs, and is also a professional dog trainer, when not raising two Border Collie puppies and herder dogs, along with his three kids, now in their teens. Naturally he combined him two passions professionally.

Today he loves what he does and considers himself extremely lucky to be able to train and create dog training books for you as the dog owners, now with a few hundred books under him belt. Like this one - Order Now! Because Doug, guarantees your success in training your dog 


Border Collies in America


Arthur Allen


Considered the "Grand Old Man of Sheepdog Trialing in the United States" and co-founder of the North American Sheep Dog Society, this slim book is a scarce treatise and brief history of the sheep dog breed contains exclusive photos throughout, including a front portrait of Allen's dog "Old Tweed." 

S is for Sheepdog


Sue Main

Gwyn Jones has trained, worked and competed with sheepdogs at the highest level for over 50 years. He is a man who analyses and delves into the dog's mind to gain a deeper insight into how to utilize their natural abilities, and to translate it into the best method of working to achieve the ultimate result. His 'Rhythm and Flow' method of working a dog has brought him great success over the years. Gwyn's methods of training go back to the methods used back when dogs served an "apprenticeship', a time when they learnt how to handle stock. With work came the calm dog with its adrenaline channeled into its abilities. This book is a record of Gwyn's life with the dogs and his opinions on his methods of training. He has won the Supreme International, Welsh Nationals and also appeared in the series One Man & His dog

S is for Sheepdog Book Cover.jpg

Working Sheep Dogs: Management and Training


John Templeton

Detailed, clear advice on the training and care of a working sheep dog; fully illustrated with photographs and explanatory diagrams; expert instruction on breeding and choice of a young dog; training a champion - a trial champion's techniques for training a winning dog.

A lifetime with the Working Collie, Their History and Training 


Arthur Allen


Considered the "Grand Old Man of Sheepdog Trialing in the United States" and co-founder of the North American Sheep Dog Society, this slim book is a scarce treatise and brief history of the sheep dog breed contains exclusive photos throughout, including a front portrait of Allen's dog "Old Tweed."


The Blue Riband of the Heather


E.B. Carpenter

An excellent resource for anyone that would like to research the pedigree of their Border Collie

National Sheepdog Champions of Britain & Ireland



E.B. Carpenter

This book brings together over 250 photographs of the National sheepdog champions from the start of the International Sheep Dog Society's National Trials in 1922 (Ireland 1961) to 1993. Barbara Carpenter molds the collection together with sections of commentary giving information about handlers and their dogs. Pedigree charts showing the main border collie bloodlines and full details about the National and International trial courses are also included. Anyone with an interest in the border collie or the world of sheepdog trialing will enjoy this book. Barbara Carpenter was a sheepdog trialist in England, where she lived into her nineties, and sadly died in 2013. She was the breeder of Brocken Robbie, a very important sire in the Border Collie pedigree. Her books are pivotal works for those interested in the history of the breed. 


The Border Collie: Basic Training for Sheepwork


E.B. Carpenter

A rare book in how to train your stock dog by E.B. Carpenter (Barbara Carpenter)

Stock Dog: A teaching Manual


Ron Gale

This is a book that anyone using a stock-dog, working livestock, or anyone just having a dog can get an abundance of value from utilizing this book. Teach your dog to work livestock gently, firmly and calmly. Teach your dog to stop on command, go different directions, to come back to you from a distance. Teach your dog to lie down at a great distance by voice or whistle.


An online museum dedicated to the shepherd's dog,

its history, culture, and lore through the eyes of artists, writers, poets, and historians; and to the shepherds that used their herding dogs to bring the flocks safely down from the hills.

The International Sheep Dog Society is a member organisation and registers over 6,000 Border Collie pups every year on behalf of its members. The ISDS Number and Dog Certificate are a guarantee of pedigree that, for most dogs, can be traced back over 100 years.

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