American Blackbelly Hair Sheep

In the 1990s and early 2000s, most hair sheep were still relatively new to British Columbia and most hair sheep were lumped into two categories. White hair sheep were St Croix and everything else was a Barbados.


As hair sheep grew in popularity, it quickly became apparent that there were a large variety of hair sheep breeds just as there is a large variety of wool sheep. As breeders began to identify and select their preferred breed, they also began spreading information across the Internet of about the individual breed characteristics of hair sheep.


In 2016, we decided to grow our flock and focus on just one breed of sheep. After some research, it was decided that American Blackbellies would be our hair sheep of choice.


The rams grow beautiful, massive horns with curls up to 30" and the ewes produce tiny, exotic lambs with badger-like facial bars. The rams average 30-32" at their withers, weigh 90-150lbs, and have beautiful neck manes. Ewes are smaller, averaging 24-28" at their withers and weigh 70-110lbs. They are lamb easily with good milking ability and have strong maternal instincts. Good feet and straight legs are a must as all our sheep graze on pastures from spring to fall. 

Unfortunately, there are only a few breeders of registered American Blackbellies in Canada and importing sheep from the United States is painfully expensive. This means there are only a few bloodlines to choose from. It has taken us several years to curate a small flock of these noble animals to create our own bloodline which will be a lifelong project

Lambing begins

February 2022

Individual lambs


breeding groups available

June 2022

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